The Wonderful World of Trains

Some years ago my favourite uncle Joe's full time occupation was driving the legendary 3801 Steam Locomotive.  He was featured in the NSW State Government Film "A Steam Train Passes", which can now be viewed on YouTube.

Uncle Joe was unique in that he wore the American "Casey Jones" outfit when driving, Bib and Brace Overalls, Striped Shirt, Red Bandana and Casey Jones Hat, all the while never without his beloved pipe !

Sadly, when A Steam Train Passes was filmed, the "Prim and Proper Persons" directing the film made him wear NSW Railways issue overalls and hat....

When the 3801 was retired fom service, Uncle Joe continued to drive it for the Railway Historical Society until his untimely passing.  His other love, apart from a 1949 Riley, was antique rifles and guns. At a young age I was taught to fire Winchester Rifles, Colt .44 Pistols and even an ancient Blunderbuss in the Wolgan Valley, near the site that is now the Emirates Resort !

Firing the Colt Pistol taught me how false the guns used in Western Movies were. During my first shot at a tree with the Colt, half the tree disappeard and my arm flew skywards !  It made a mockery of the Western Cowboy heroes who fired with no recoil, and who were often "shot" in the arm at close range and hardly felt a twinge !!! 

I am dedicating this album to my Uncle Joe and a range of weird and wonderful Trains.

Also added is a wide range of vintage Railway Posters from around the world !